Today I ran in the first of what is to be an annual 5k run associated with the opening of Packers training camp. I know what you're thinking but I did this primarily for 3 reasons.

1) I wanted to run a 5k and see how I would do. 33:08 was my time. Not bad for a busted up, 43 year old dude who just started running 5 months (and 20 pounds) ago.

2) The money went to charity for things like Big Brothers/Big Sisters and The Boys & Girls Club.

3) The tail end of the race goes through Lambeau. You run through the players tunnel, do a lap around the field and then exit through the same tunnel. I thought it would be cool to run around an actual NFL field.

Packers president Mark Murphy was there at the start line and it was kind of funny to hear more than one person yell to him that it was time to fire Ted Thompson (Packers GM). I actually think TT has done a pretty good job. Imo, his only botch with the Favre situation was not cutting him loose sooner.

The coolest thing was something I didn't expect. Inside the stadium they had a camera on each end that was hooked to the jumbo tron on each side of the stadium. As I approached each camera I pulled up the sleeve on my right shirt to reveal my Steelers logo tattoo. As I did I looked up and sure enough, there was the tat on the jumbo tron for all to see!

Oh yeah, and I also made sure to spit on the field several times as I ran around it!