Yo Shawn, this thread wasn't intended to focus on Vick the Dick, but I can see the correlation, so here goes. Vick is a convicted felon, and is still on probation. As such, not only is he prohibited from being in the company of other felons, he cannot drink or do drugs...at all, or he goes back to the clink. Do you honestly think that Vick is partying down with all his homies on his birthday, drinking lemonade? How old is he anyhow? Does he need throw himself a party? Even Tony Dungy, who's been one of his most staunch supporters said he was completely out of line even having the party.

As for Vince Young, he physically assaulted an individual. It's a violent crime, for crying our loud. One could argue, why do they suspend players for smoking a little ganj? Well, they have a Substance Abuse POLICY. What's the league's POLICY on this other stuff. That's the whole problem right there. The commish is flying by the seat of his pants on this stuff, and basically is doing whatever the hell he wants. What's worse, smoking a little pot with your friends or punching someone in public during a drunken rage?

I don't know, some folks just don't look at these things logically.

BTW, this isn't VY's first brush with the law either, he was caught carrying a firearm illegally last year.