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Thread: Rats draft pick Cody flunks conditioning test

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    Re: Rats draft pick Cody flunks conditioning test

    Quote Originally Posted by Lebsteel
    I believe Shawn had a man-crush on Cody and wanted him to be a Steeler. I remember the "Caption This" thread when that photo of Cody first came out. It was hilarious!

    Yeah, who didn't see this (cody failing some sort of conditioning test) coming when that photo came out. Turrible!

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    Re: Rats draft pick Cody flunks conditioning test

    Quote Originally Posted by "Northern_Blitz":2n1dtv15
    I hope Cody sucks, but we as Steeler fans should know that passing the conditioning test on the first day of training camp has little bearing on the performance of a NT in a 3-4.
    Maybe...but this is not an 8 year vet who has been to multiple pro bowls....this is a kid who should be gunning to impress.

    It shows that he is either unable to get that large body into shape....or unwilling to pay the price. Either way it is not a good sign for him.[/quote:2n1dtv15]

    Last year wasn't the first time Big Snack failed the test. Seemed like a yearly occurance at Camp Cowher (except Cowher let him get away with it - see below).

    "[Hampton] traditionally has had trouble with the first-day run tests, when he did them. In 2003, he completed the first 10 of then-coach Bill Cowher's test of 14 40-yard dashes the first day. He sat out the next three and linebacker Kendrell Bell ran two of them for him. Hampton then ran the final leg."


    He has pretty much always sucked at the first day conditioning test, and it hasn't really made any difference in his play. This was actually his defence when he failed for Tomlin.


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