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Thread: RIP Kaye Cowher

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    Re: RIP Kaye Cowher

    RIP kaye! heart goes out to the cowher family. Things look a little clearer about his last season as coach!

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    Re: RIP Kaye Cowher

    very sad news. RIP Kaye.

    It would be sweet if the Steelers somehow honored her this year, something on the Jersey or helmet....NFL prolly wouldnt allow it though.....

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    Re: RIP Kaye Cowher

    A moment of silence before a game yes. That would be it though.

    Cowher's father just died in April too. Damn.

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    Re: RIP Kaye Cowher

    Really shocking and sad to hear. My heart goes out to the Cowher family.

    And kudos to the Rooneys & the rest of the Steelers organization for keeping this quiet at the time of his retirement. They had to know that this played into it, and it says a lot that there wasn't even the slightest leak of this information at the time (or since, for that matter).

    Really puts the whole Cowher retirement situation into perspective, I've gone from feeling a little betrayed and jaded about him retiring to realizing that there were much more important factors that played into the decision, and he made the right choice, indeed the only choice. Glad he had a few good years to spend with the family together.

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    Re: RIP Kaye Cowher

    Former Steelers coach Bill Cowher issued this statement today to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette on the passing of his wife, Kaye:

    "Sadly, my wife Kaye lost her battle with cancer on Friday. Kaye was such a loving and compassionate person and she was the foundation of our family. Kaye was always at my side throughout my career as a player, coach, NFL analyst and, most importantly, as a parent to our three daughters Meagan, Lauren and Lindsay. They will miss their mother dearly.

    "Kaye was the rock that we could all lean on in the tough times. She was looked up to by so many people and I cannot say enough about what Kaye meant to our family. Her memory will never be forgotten. We would like to thank everyone who has kept our family in their thoughts and prayers and for those who have reached out to express their condolences. It is clear that Kaye touched a lot of lives."

    For anyone interested in making a donation on Mrs. Cowher's behalf, her family has asked that they be directed to Family Resources of Pennsylvania (412)-363-1702; [url=""][/url].

    Read more: [url=""] ... z0uda47gEs[/url]
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    Re: RIP Kaye Cowher

    Wow very shocking and sad indeed. RIP Kaye.

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    Re: RIP Kaye Cowher

    I am surprised by this news. I wish Cowher and his family the best moving forward.

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    Re: RIP Kaye Cowher

    Quote Originally Posted by fezziwig
    Too sad and too young. I will always remember her at the stadium cheering Bill and the Steelers on. I especially remember her placing her hand on Bills cheek after the Super Bowl loss to the Cowgirls and trying to hold back the tears. I'm glad he retired and with hopes they spent more time together at the end. I'm glad she got to watch her girls grow to at least their current ages and I'm glad she got to experience Bill, herself and the girls winning the Super Bowl along with the Steelers.

    RIP Kaye and comfort for all those that love her.
    I was gonna mention the Super Bowl loss and Kaye conforting Bill as one of my fondest memories as a Steeler fan. We all needed comforting at that moment and Kaye seemed to be there for all of us. Its so sad. RIP Kaye. And all the best to Coach Cowher and the girls as they morn her loss.

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    Re: RIP Kaye Cowher

    Again, only speculation on my part but it may make more sense why Cowher may have been so emotionally numb after the Super Bowl.

    My fondest memory was her and the girls going nuts at the Colts championship game up in the Skybox booth.

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    Re: RIP Kaye Cowher

    RIP Mrs. Cowher

    My thoughts and prayers go out to the Cowher family at this time.

    Turning out to be a bad day...

    Wife friend miscarried
    My neighbors daughter who I knew my whole life growing up died of breast cancer (50 y.o.)
    And Kaye Cowher's passing.

    Day can't end soon enough for me...



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