Let me start off with

Well Cleveland sucks.

Actually all of Ohio sucks.

And I hope they lose in this.

The city and team stand to lose $100M+ if he leaves.

I kinda hope he leaves and then wins a championship elsewhere.

I mean if he wants to win, can he possibly stay in Cleveland????

Will Lebron join Wade and Bosch in Miami?

Will he go be with Stoudy in NY?

How about joining Derek Rose in Chitown?

Or will he just stay at home?

Stay tuned to ESPN tomorrow at 9 pm for his presser.

The one nice thing is all commercial money will go to Boys and Girls club. That makes up for all the obnoxious hype around this.

If I were Lebron, I'd go to Houston. I heard someone say, they have a SuperBowl sized audience watching every regular season Rockets game because of Yao. That would get him the widest exposure.

And if he just wants to win, why not just go join Kobe?

I'm betting he stays in Cleveland and Cleveland continues to suck!!!!!!!!