No, NOT Santonio herb smokers.....

Fellow cigarette smokers:

How do you feel about the constant price increases ?

How do you feel about the FSC (fire safety cig's) ?

What's your favorite brand ?

I'm a Marlboro man. Marlboro 100's to be exact. Can't smoke the generics or other brands as they burn my throat. And it P's me O to have to pay over $6 a freakin' pack because i can't smoke the cheapies.

And I freakin' HATE the FSC's they are forcing us to smoke these days. They just don't taste the same IMO and i think it's a useless feature to boot. I have gotten into the habit of never inhaling the first hit as it tastes nasty and kinda burns almost always.

Many fellow smokers have told me they can't stand the FSC's either. Some have even gotten sick off of the damn things.

Yeah, i know it's not "right" to smoke but i find it relaxing and enjoyable. Sue me. lol