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Does anyone recall the Steeler Nation complaining about an assistant Steeler coach as we do about Arians ?
No.... but if we had a message board best believe we would have one.

I really despised Arian early on but I started watching other teams play calling in similar situations and realized it wasn't really that different.

Look at Andy Reid... That guy wouldn't run if the D had 8 safeties playing Ed Reed deep but thy were very successful for years. Sure they never won a SB but most teams don't.

I really was shocked at how little anger the board had with Lebeaus D last year. What if the O puts up similar production and the D keeps blowing it late in games. Is it still BA's fault?[/quote]

It was more the defensive PLAYERS fault. Not the defensive schemes, with the back ups in the secondary sucking. So i dont fault LeBeau. With Arians, however the players make the most out of what he calls, or try to, even when his play calling isn't good. And we had less injury on offense this past season. If the scenario plays out as you suggest (with a healthy shored up D) then I will sure as hell be pist with LeBeau.

Arians isn't as bad as i originally thought, however I do think he could be better if he was less stubborn and would mix it up more often, we could really have something going.