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Thread: Tomlin: No reason to rush Hartwig

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    Re: Tomlin: No reason to rush Hartwig

    Quote Originally Posted by SteelHoss
    If you recall OV Okobi injured his neck and was'nt quite the same after that. Whiz thought enough of him to give him a shot, but like I said it seems he left something on the field with that injury. Stapleton's knee injury apparently has put him out of the game. The team certainly lost interest in him in a hurry after that. IMHO Legursky ain't going anywhere. He will be the backup to Pouncey or whoever establishes himself as the starter. Besides...he may have to play full back again. LOL!

    Call me the ultimate optimist, but I believe Gay will turn things around this year.
    I totally agree that Legursky's role on this team will be as a BACKUP or emergency starter due to injury. Unless Hartwig is totally broke he is going to be our starter until next season when Pouncey takes over.

    Regardless of what Gay does, I think both Burnett and Lewis will pass him this season. Sounds like Crezdon Butler is also doing very well so far. Whith those three on the roster, Gay is in the final year of his contract and will not be resigned.

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    Re: Tomlin: No reason to rush Hartwig

    Quote Originally Posted by fordfixer
    Tomlin: No reason to rush Hartwig
    Thursday, June 3, 2010
    [url=""] ... 84204.html[/url]

    Frank Summers, meanwhile, has been working primarily at fullback after seeing limited action at the position a year ago.

    "We're trying to develop him as a top-level fullback," Wilson said of the 5-10, 230-pound Summers.

    Whoah!!! Did anyone else catch that?

    Did Wilson "clear that stament" with Arians???

    We got our "6-PACK" - time to work on a CASE!


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    Re: Tomlin: No reason to rush Hartwig

    the little i've seen of leguarsky, i think its safe to say he wont get bulled over as much as like does.

    he seems incredibly strong.

    that an improvement right there. now, if he can gain the experience to make line calls and and the such, i wouldn't mind seeing him start ahead of justin


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