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Thread: Explain your board name

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    Hey Roger...
    Quote Originally Posted by RuthlessBurgher View Post
    RuthlessBurgher sounds like our quarterback's name. And since he is Ruthless on the field, showing other teams no mercy, and is now from Pittsburgh (and hence, a Burgher), it seemed to fit.
    What are you going to call yourself when Landry Jones takes over the helm at QB?
    Crush your enemies, see them driven before you, hear the lamentations of their women.

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    Biggest Steeler fan in Texas

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    Quote Originally Posted by Discipline of Steel View Post
    What are you going to call yourself when Landry Jones takes over the helm at QB?
    If he receives the same degree of protection from the OL that Ben gets, without Ben's otherworldly escapeability, then LandryMat would likely be appropriate.

    And welcome to the board, Tex!

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    There is a real dick head on another site named Coolie Man. Just don't want that name on here to be a dick head.

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    Quote Originally Posted by steel-tex View Post
    Biggest Steeler fan in Texas
    In size or fandom?

    Welcome aboard!

    1.15) Ryan Shazier - ILB/OLB
    2.46) Stephon Tuitt - DE
    3.97) Dri Archer - RB
    4.118 ) Martavis Bryant - WR
    5.157) Shaquille Richardson - CB
    6.173) Wesley Johnson - OT
    6.192) Jordan Zumwalt - ILB
    7.215) Daniel McCullers - DT
    7.230) Rob Blanchflower - TE

    "Before you can win a game, you have to not lose it." -- Chuck Noll

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    ok, why not.
    About 15 years ago I bought my first boat. I did a lot of walleye and salmon fishing on the great lakes. My preferred method for salmon was a dodger and squid combo.
    My buddies started calling me squidkid on the radio when trying to get a hold of me while on the water.
    squid rhymes with kid. so that became my boat 'handle'
    1) CB D Dennard
    2) OLB R Shazier
    3) DE J Ellis
    4) WR M Bryant
    5a) OG D Yankey
    5b) OLB J Tripp
    6a) RB D Archer
    6b) NT D McCullers
    7) WR J Janis

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    passhappy.....ummmm, duh


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