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Well, my name comes from my wife who once said I was Steeler Crazy. I am so intense on game days and during the game no one likes to watch the game with me in my house and I prefer to be alone. When something goes wrong I get really upset and act like a five year old child. When something goes right I act like a contestant getting picked to play "The Price Is Right"..........

I've tried to calm myself for others sake but I cant for long.....When I was a kid I used to cry in anger when the Steelers lost so I guess I'm not going to change, therefore, I am SteelCrazy.

You are not alone my friend.

I think this applies to all of us.

BTW, you're name is making me hungry for pork and sauerkraut. Heck even a little haluski.


I asked u in another thread if u were at steelreign before. I think i remember you from back in the day.

BTW I plan on posting here alot even though SF is back up too. I like it here.
no, wasnt me, just flippingburghers or flippy. glad you're enjoying.

there's a load of you, but you all seem pretty cool.