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I think it's Dixon with Leftwich backing up...Leftwich gets more ink because he's a known commodity.
i hope dixon wins the job. we all know what we have in leftwich, i want to see more of dixon. i understand why tomlin wants to establish a starter sooner rather than later but im not so sure if leftwich is a whole lot better than dixon at this point in his career. it will be interesting.

I understand why you want to see more of Dixon, but these four games or even six are too important to waste on just "getting to see him more". That's what the preseason is all about. Right now, If I had to make the choice, it's lefty. Doesn't anyone wonder why a guy as athletic as Dixon doesn't get to see the field under any cirsumstances other than an emergency start last season. Especially in the day and age of the wildcat offense. Hopefully I am wrong, but I just don't see what everyone else does in Dixon. I was very excited when we drafted him, but my excitement has waned since then.
your excitement has waned? that is funny because i am the exact opposite. while i saw the value in the late pick i wasnt excited when we drafted dixon mostly due to him blowing out his knee in college. i didnt realize what a strong arm dixon has though!! i think his arm is just as strong as lefty's and he is more mobile. also if ben eff's up again we need to know what we have currently at qb for the future.
I think I chose the phrase "excitement has waned" becauase I truly believe the fact he isn't on the field much has something to do with his developement. I hope I am wrong, because he was damned exciting to watch at Oregon.