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I don't understand that hatred for the commish, when it is Ben who was the idiot. Just throwing the blame at a dart board and whoever it hits you hate? Interesting.
I agree that Ben acted like an idiot but the last I knew we don't punish people for being stupid. Ben is not guilty of anything except for not living up to some imaginary standard that the Commissioner has in his head.

I have very specific reasons why I hate the commish and it has nothing to do with a dart board. I find it interesting the support he receives when he threatens players that if they avail themselves of their constitutional rights to contest his decision he will make the penalty more severe. So this is just one instance of a guy who is supposedly interested in the image of the NFL acting like a thug. Can you say hipocracy?
When we look at all of his actions with the understanding they are taken with goal of keeping the money flowing into the owners' bank accounts, they are much easier to understand. Nothing to do with morality, ethics, etc . ... just television rights, marketing, and filling the stadia.
There's been no change in ratings or stadium attendance since Goodell instituted his policy.
People WILL and perhaps ARE becoming more discriminating with their money nowadays due to the new rules of the economy. I think it will show eventually with attendance and more quickly with concessions and nfl gear!

And so it should be. Why are only the elite not affected right now?
You bring yours, I'll bring mine, and we'll meet downtown!!