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Due to Bens bad decision making he has put all of his teammates and organization in a precarious situation. If you get two rape allegations in one year, thats no coincidence. Ben has been far from a choir boy and in my opinion the ONLY Steelers who deserve the benefit of the doubt after TWO rape allegations are - 1. Troy Polamalu 2. Aaron Smith 3. Heath Miller.
I know Hines hasn't been in any trouble but I don't know if I could give him the benefit of the doubt with two allegations.
Aren't that and that in contradiction to one another. Unless you are saying that Troy, Aaron, and Heath are exempt from the "two in one year" corollary based on some arbitrary criteria.

And, yes, the two allegations could be no coincidence. The first one is a pretty clear case of a delusional chick looking for a pay-day. The second one could easily be leveraging the first one to advantage. Exactly. No coincidence. Where there's smoke, there's fire. Just make sure it's the right type of smoke.
Of course. You could have footage of Ben ripping off panties and you and your cronies would search for an excuse. You guys are dellusional. You act like women groupies to be honest. I mean the only person who should defend Ben like you guys do it, his mother.
Mrs. Rothlesberger??????
Search my posts. You'll see I have been very critical of Ben for this whole thing. My point in replying to you is that you don't seem to want to consider the other side of the coin when it comes to your viewpoint. I simply put forth a reasonable scenario that could debunk your blanket "no coincidence" genius.

You still didn't explain why Troy, Aaron, and Heath are exempt from the "2 allegations in a year rule." Is there a reset on Day 365 for that "rule?"

Me and my cronies? You are seriously reaching now. In fact, do some searching and you'll see that I have duked it out with a poster named JAR who has had a blanket "Ben is innocent" approach. Several times I have made mention of Ben being douchebag off the field. I still stand by that. That GA situation: the truth is probably somewhere in the muddled middle.

My beef is with blanket approaches.
I dont have to research. I am merely going by the basis of your attempts to oppose me in this regard. There is no fence riding here. My question to you is this. IF You were accussed of rape how would you act? ESPECIALLY the 2nd time. I certainly would NOT remain quiet. Spare me with the "Ben was listening to his attorney". Innocent people do not remain silent while there reputations are being ruined. I cite the Duke Lacrosse team. THOSE BOY'S went down fighting the whole way and do you know why? THEY WERE INNOCENT and they acted like it. Who the hell wants to be called a rapist? Sorry sir, you don't remain quiet under those circumstances. Also, how do you explain the circumstances that IRONICALLY went in Ben's favor? Erased footage, Scrubbed crime scene and Victim out of nowhere wants to drop the charges. She was gungho to go to the cops and then 2 weeks later had a change of heart? Not even the HINT of a civil suit either. Smell like some money exchanged hands to you? Can I prove any of this? No sir but I can smell a rat.
Does this all mean that Ben is guilty? I read the police report and there is NO WAY I'm letting all of that crap be said about me IF it's not true. NO WAY.In my press conference I am addressing all of it. I wont need a note. I will talk from the heart and I would vehemently deny it all. Ben couldnt even look at the camera. IF this was Tom Brady you KNOW you guys would NOT take this stance against me. It is sheer hypocrisy and or Homerism. I randomly selected Smith, Polamalu and Heath because they are squeeky clean and good guys in the community.
Have you heard the accounts of Ben in our community? I guess EVERYONE is framing tihs guy huh? You add up all of the accounts of this individual and you come up with a guy very CAPABLE of rape. When the SI piece comes out, refute all of the negative stuff about him and then explain to me WHY the local patrons arent saying the same thing about Heath, Polamalu or any other Steeler. WHY Just Ben?