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Thread: Ben "Despicable"

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    Ben "Despicable"

    Despicable Freestyle Lyrics: Eminem

    F-ck an intro man, lets go..
    I come around like what goes around
    what goes up must come down
    anyone who comes up must go down
    might as well go for the gusto now
    better not let up better not let them breath
    last shot give it all you got
    try to turn me down b-tch get f-cked with the volume nob
    f-ck all you snobs
    hoes I hope all you rott
    2 bottles of lubriderm and a box of condoms is that all you brought
    and you wanna menage a trois you twats
    f-ck that Iíd rather turn this club to a bar room brawl
    get as rowdy as Roesthlisberger in a bathroom stall
    like a leech stuck in a vacuum your only nothin but a whole lot of suckiní
    goiní on in rap
    yeah but Iím home
    Bad to the bone
    Back in the zone
    Let him alone
    You donít wanna go egginí him on

    Itíll never be my chair that your on
    crown so tight that it cuts off circulation to the brain no oxygen
    otherwords thereís no heir to the throne
    when I die so does hip hop
    hitchcock better sh-t bitch ass got a zip locked in a bag
    you fags aint been able to fade me since Kid Rock had a high top
    keep blogging while Iím mind boggling my zone like Iím in the twilight
    talking of my bone this is my mic dog I like hogging it

    flow so wet Iímma take this beat tobogganing
    Iím water logging it, Iím sogging it
    pull your verse out the beat and stomp on it
    suplex it on cement like Iím on some straight outta compton sh-t
    take this d-ck and chomp on it
    Iím so bad I can b-tch slap a back handed compliment
    jack ass eat a donkey d-ck
    the game I just about conquered it like Donkey Kong
    Iím bonkers bitch, Iím the king of this honkey sh-t, I reign supreme in this honkey sh-t
    no sense screaming and arguing
    makes no difference whether a Benz or Bentley or a Beamers the car you in
    you think you ball well I palm it
    I throw up bombs when I vomit
    boy I throw down in the kitchen might hit your mom with my omlette
    but you got egg on your face now watch me drop an atomic
    I should be strapped to the chest of a kamikaze
    bitch Iím as bat sh-t as Ozzy itís obvious
    you can tell I go right off the bat
    no pun intended but come any closer Iíll bite off your head
    tryna give me the fingers kinda like giving a spider the web
    Iím just gonna spin it and try to use it to my advantage
    I catch a fly in that bitch you think you fly you just food
    I give as much as a flying f-ck as that superman dude
    guess I just do what you canít do or make you look stupid and bamboozled
    confused as usual and you can get ripped she can open a can too
    but you better hope you can handle the heat
    or stay the f-ck outta hellís kitchen
    I came to cock block like a square f-cking male chicken
    yeah itís shady slut the rest can suck on a big one
    cos Im despicable like daffy duck when Iím spitting,
    (haha recovery)

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    Re: Ben "Despicable"

    kinda funny actually...

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    Re: Ben "Despicable"

    Quote Originally Posted by hawaiiansteel
    kinda funny actually...

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    Re: Ben "Despicable"

    I thought eminem went the way of Limp Bizkit...

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    Re: Ben "Despicable"

    Nope had an addiction. Got all fixed up and is back! Just like Ben will be.

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    Re: Ben "Despicable"

    Quote Originally Posted by SS Laser
    Nope had an addiction. Got all fixed up and is back! Just like Ben will be.
    Funny that LB and M&M are putting new cd's out at about the same time.
    just saw LB at 98 rockfest here in Tampa, and they CRUSHED. they were awesome. I felt bad for Alice In Chains because there was no way they could follow it up... and they didn't.

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    Re: Ben "Despicable"

    ours is not to wonder why just invert and multiply...

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    Re: Ben "Despicable"

    Ben is the punchline to many jokes having to do with abuse of women. Way to go bud.

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    Re: Ben "Despicable"

    Quote Originally Posted by birtikidis
    I thought eminem went the way of Limp Bizkit...
    I guess there's a few Peter Pans out there who still think it's 1999.

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    Re: Ben "Despicable"

    Here's my rap about Ben. It's more of a gansta flow a la Too Short mixed with Eminen style rhyming with his cadence instead of his words.

    "Wrong Spot" by Flippy

    Yo B!tches Take My Shots!
    Kennywood's open.
    Look at my jock.

    Let's go to the potty
    DTF shorty
    Big Ben Roethlisberger always hits the right spotty

    Make sure to lock the door
    Can't be seen with a sorority whore
    Where's my cops to block the door?

    Ok, ready, let's go.
    Take off those panties
    Don't say no.

    I'll put it in
    And make you spin
    Make you so dizzy you'll hit your head.

    Uh oh
    Why'd you stop?
    Damn b!tch is too drunk to finish this sh!t.

    Back to the party
    Find another shorty
    Big Ben Roethlisberger gonna hit the right spotty.

    Now here come the cops
    Not my cops
    What do you mean that she said stop?

    They know it aint true?
    But what you gonna do?
    How could I be guilt when my b@lls are blue?

    End of the party
    Didn't get a shorty
    Big Ben Roethlisberger in a bad spotty.

    Duece's gonna kill me
    Goodell's gonna bill me
    Better call my lawyer so the DA don't jail me.


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