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Dude's not a troll ... quite yet. But he is a hater.

teeceemadison reborn?
kaopectate with a new schtick?

Who is cruzer referring to?



See, I understand the mods issues with this sort of thing. The guy is obviously here to troll. His posts are merely for his entertainment and not ours. But, he hasn't broken any rules. When you don't have specific rules for banning criteria you have people making subjective calls. When I was a mod here that didn't go over so well...people complained about that as well. You can't have it both ways. You either have a situation where members feel others are being banned inappropriately or are allowed to stay despite their trolling.

i'm a big believer in the "greater good" theory...why should one troll be allowed to ruin it for everybody else?
Don't let him. Just skip over his posts. He is just looking for people to respond to him and even have threads started about him like this one. I would suggest the mods remove this thread. If we ignore him he will go away.