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Biggest loser here is Mike Wallace. He needed Sweed to step up this season to take some of the coverage pressure off of him. Now he is going to be blanketed with double teams and all we have left is a bunch of aging slot receivers and unproven rookies.

The passing offense will take a major step backwards this season unless our QBs and Offensive Coord really embrace throwing the ball to RBs and TEs.
I said the same thing in another thread.

I am hopeful, that like Holmes- who really is not a true "outside" receiver-

they can use Sanders in slants and deep crossing patterns to draw a safety off of Wallace.
The dilemma is that the two rookies we drafted are probably the only WRs other than Wallace who have the ability to stretch the field. Let's hope one can replcate the rookie season that Wallace had but that will be a very unlikely possibility.