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i love this quote:

"There's not a fullback on the roster," Bruce Arians declared three days before the Steelers opened the 2009 season. "There's a running back who plays fullback, a tight end who plays fullback. I don't have a fullback. There's no fullback in my offense, there's never going to be one."

I think BA jokes around quite a bit. I don't think this is a case where Tomlin wants to have a fullback and Arians doesn't. This is a case where Arians knows what the public opinion is on him and FBs...and he's playing around a bit with it.
I don't think BA has any room to "play around" on this subject. I'm also not so sure we need a true fullback to run more. I mean, considering the multiple tight end/wr sets that Arians runs, wouldn't bringing in a true fullback take away any element of surprise? Its like bringing in the Bus on the goaline.