PITTSBURGH -- Wide receiver Hines Ward says quarterback Ben Roethlisberger's six-game suspension is disappointing but justified and threatens to leave the Pittsburgh Steelers in a precarious position when the season begins.
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Ward, a Steelers offensive co-captain along with Roethlisberger, doesn't think the quarterback will have any trouble regaining his teammates' confidence and respect once he returns in October. Roethlisberger was suspended last week for violating the NFL's personal conduct policy.

However, Ward said being without one of the NFL's proven big-game quarterbacks -- even if it's for only a quarter of the season -- is playing on many of his teammates' minds. To Ward, it's also creating considerable uncertainty.

Ward made the remarks Friday as the Steelers began their three-day minicamp, their only mandatory workouts until training camp begins.


And what is it called when a teammate goes through the media to talk about something that should stay within the locker room???

He is a great player and one of my favorites on the Steelers of all time but as a teammate he sucks. If I were on that team and he continued to go public about me I'd get all off into his behind. He wouldn't say too many things about me again....believe that.