Ben is not Kobe. Kobe is an ASSASSIN. The best in the game for years. Ben has never been the best. Ben is FORTUNATE to play for the Steelers. Kobe would be one of the best on the worst team. But Ben on the Rams and he'd SUCK. Kobe is a Hall of Famer Ben is not. Ben has one Pro Bowl Kobe is a All Star game regular. Kobe is the PRIMARY reason the Lakers are good. Ben is not. Ben won a SB in 05 with the worst qb performance in history. Yes he played well in games leading up to SB 40 but thats due in part to the #1 rushing game in the NFL. They expected run and Whiz called passes. SB 43 we were lead by the #1 defense. In fact Ben has ONE TD pass and THREE Ints. He is HARDLY the reason we have 2 rings in his tenure. We rode Ben last season (His best year) and we went 9-7.