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Bringing back B-Mac, Foote, Randell L seems odd. I'm glad they are all back and especially B-mack and Foote well, I guess ARE too.

How can you look at this or what is there to make of it ?
Each situation is unique.

Randle El was a #3 WR for us, but Dan Snyder offered him top dollar...money that would typically go to a #1 WR. There is no way we were willing to come close to that. It was a Godfather offer he couldn't refuse. Now he's back for reasonable money as a #3 WR again.

Foote fashioned himself a starter, and was upset that Timmons was taking playing time away from him. He also wanted to play in his hometown. Once he realized how much losing sucks, he came back to Pittsburgh, now happy to be a contributing backup on a winning team.

We actually offered McFadden a long term deal to stay here after the Super Bowl, but he accepted the shorter term deal from Arizona, figuring that he could cash in on a big free agent deal in a couple of years if he flourished as a top notch #1 CB. He gambled, and lost. Now he's back.