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Thread: Dwyer!

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    WOOHOO Finally
    2 scenarios. One in which Mahommes is available to us at 1/30 (hoping but not likely) and the second in which he is not.

    1) Pat Mahommes-QB-TT 1) Tak McKinley-OLB-UCLA
    2) Jordan Willis-OLB-K.St. 2) Fabian Moreau-DB-UCLA
    3) Jalen Myrick-CB-Minn
    3) Nate Peterman-QB-Pitt
    3) Samaje Perine-RB-OU
    4) George Kittle-TE-Iowa
    5) Rayshawn Jenkins-S-Miami
    6) Ejuan Price-OLB-Pitt
    7) Glen Antoine-DT-Idaho

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    Re: Dwyer!

    Can't believe he was still there!

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    Re: Dwyer!

    Suddenly feeling a little better about all of the LB picks.

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    Re: Dwyer!

    Great power back pick up. Very productive...very strong. I love this pick.

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    Re: Dwyer!

    Steal of the draft.

    Makes the Frank Summers pick look like Frank Falls.
    "That's just Ben being Superman" -John Madden, Super Bowl XLIII

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    Re: Dwyer!

    Why was he still there?

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    Re: Dwyer!

    Jonathan Dwyer, 5-11/235

    Running Back

    Georgia Tech

    Jonathan Dwyer Scouting Report
    By Matt McGuire


    Big frame for a RB
    Great lower body strength and mass
    Makes quick decisions as a runner
    Nice traffic runner - shows poise in tight spaces
    Great quality of suddenness to his running style
    Willing blocker
    Takes care of the football
    Nice short area burst
    Hits hole quickly
    Patient back who will set up a lineman when given chance
    Can pound it between the tackles
    Intriguing upside if stars align (change of scheme and conditioning)


    Looks overweight - conditioning may be an issue
    Just above average speed
    No second gear in open field
    Shys from contact
    Not as powerful a runner as you'd think
    Questionable receiver out of backfield
    Not a game-breaker in a pro scheme
    Unimpressive moves in space to make defenders miss
    Doesn't have much elusiveness
    Lacks experience in a more conventional running scheme
    Highly difficult evaluation

    Summary: I want to like Dwyer, but when you combine that he looks out of shape with bad tape, I have a hard time getting behind him. Since early in the season, I have felt he is an overrated prospect. The option scheme limits the evaluation because he is in the three-point stance four yards behind the line of scrimmage (LOS) as opposed to a two-point stance seven yards behind the LOS. I don't see an impressive athlete on tape, but if a team can get him in good condition, he might look like a completely different back in a north-south running scheme. He's the only back in this class that I think has the upside to be a No. 1 in the NFL, but he would certainly be a gamble in the second round.

    Player Comparison: Tim Hightower. Hightower is a better pass catcher, but from an athleticism and size standpoint, these players match up.

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    Re: Dwyer!

    "Gamble" in the second round = "complete steal" in the mid-6th round

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    Re: Dwyer!

    Quote Originally Posted by SS Laser
    Why was he still there?
    Weight for one thing. He allowed himself to get fat. He can be a good complimentary back if he gets himself right physically and mentally. If he doesn't start to work hard, he will produce very little. It is a good risk pick in the 6th round. I liked Dixon a little bit more, but I can't argue with Dwyer in the 6th round.
    The Steelers’ went through seven consecutive drafts (2003-09) without taking an offensive lineman in the first two rounds, the longest such streak by any franchise this century.

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    Re: Dwyer!

    Quote Originally Posted by WoodleyofTroy
    Steal of the draft.

    Makes the Frank Summers pick look like Frank Falls.
    Frank "the Tank" is named by body type more than play ability. This guy Dwyer is legitimate... I liked Blount for the same reasons this guy is liked.
    Guys and gals,
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