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Thread: Worilds and Sanders

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    Re: Worilds and Sanders

    dropping back our best pass rushers to cover up for the poor secondary will do that to ya.

    how many sacks did we have and where did that rank in the league?

    do you think wordlis gets on the field in the 4th qr your talking about?

    butler has already said he's gonna sit and learn for the year. mostly to do because woodley and harrison are great and they dont like coming out of the game....and he doesn't like taking them out of the game, either.

    when you have secondary personel that leaves guys wide open for a QB like gradkowski to find them...yeah, we have a problem

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    Re: Worilds and Sanders

    i just found this on sanders and thought it was pretty alarming. its probably not a big deal though

    2/7/09: Emmanuel Sanders was suspended for the final two games of the year for being late to practice. He was then ordered to take down Plaxico Burress' poster in his dorm room. It's a shame because Sanders managed 67 receptions, 958 yards and nine touchdowns.

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    Re: Worilds and Sanders

    Quote Originally Posted by Oviedo
    Quote Originally Posted by papillon
    Here's [url=]an article[/url] that takes a different spin on the draft. To be fair and cover both sides.

    One article quotes a coach who has actually worked out the player being discussed and the other article is the opinion of a "JV" writer at the PG. No effort to get input from coaches or scouts, just his opinion. No research or stats, just his opinion. He isn't even the beat writer for the Steelers who has good sources cause that's Bouchette. Cook might as well post here because maybe posters here are better writers than him.

    Nice try but I'll take Wexell's article and this is why Wexell is the best of the Steelers beat writers. He gets quotes and facts.
    Of course, it fits the slant you want to take on the draft. If Cook's fit the bill you would take his. I don't like the draft and I don't need a beat writer, coach or anyone else to inform me what I think or see.

    Matt Millen the supreme evaluator of talent says that Worilds is the steal of the draft. What's that worth? Nothing, because, he ran a proud franchise into the ground. Worilds isn't the steal of the draft and won't see the field regularly for 3 years.

    The Steelers had needs and the players on the board to correct them and they chose not to. We'll see how the Super Bowl XL reunion tour works out 6 years later.


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