I'm having some real problems here in DC.

I LOVE the draft and I LOVE the Pens. My wife also loves both (and 1 big reason why I love my wife)

We have to put 2 young kids (ages 2.5 and 5) to bed and my wife is prego and gets tired easy and will only make it to about 11pm if lucky, so here's the schedule:

-turn off all phones and no internet. Lockdown begins.
-Have pizza delivered and put on the Pens game at 7 or whenever it is on cause the kids will watch that.
-Start the DVR for the draft.
-After 1st period, wipe the kids down (no bath tonight) and throw them in bed amidst the protesting. No book reading tonight.
-Scurry downstairs for period 2.
-At second intermission, start the draft. I hate missing all the bonus precoverage, but no way to get this all in otherwise.
Hopefully by skipping commercials, we'll catch up some in the draft.
Go back for period 3 and pray the Pens dust them pretty quickly, so we can just switch entirely to the draft. A close Pens game or God forbid OT and I'm in trouble.
-Get to the draft full on, skipping commercials. Gotta get to the Steelers pick at least, then maybe the wife will concede to bed and letting me watch the rest of the 1st round on my own.
We also have to cancel recording 30Rock and Adv. of New Christine, which we like.

Anyone else struggling tonight with overlap. I have a feeling I'll be yelling at my kids a bit tonight. I've been preparing them that tonight will be stressful, but the 2yr old just doesn't understand yet. He's old enough (2.5) to test me, but not understand how some days get more backlash than others. Tonight is a good night to learn