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Thread: STEELERS - Here's what needs to happen

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    Re: STEELERS - Here's what needs to happen

    then lets hope he is smart enogh to not trade ben.

    that would incredibly stupid.

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    Re: STEELERS - Here's what needs to happen

    Quote Originally Posted by Shawn
    I can't agree. I think the Steelers are playing this correctly. Do I believe Ben will be Do I believe they have contacted teams, and teams have contacted them...yes.

    What are the Steelers up to? I believe they have no real intention of trading Ben unless faced with an unreal proposition. Second, I think the Steelers are trying to scare Ben straight and send a message to the team, fans and rest of the league. I believe it's working.
    I tend to think this is what's going on.

    Hopefully, Ben is paying attention.
    Franchise Bell; extend Brown; re-sign Harrison, Timmons, Williams, Matthews, and Wheaton; sign FAs Stephon Gilmore, CB, Bills, and John Simon, OLB, Texans.

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