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    Re: 6 GAMES

    Well,local radio personalities are saying that Goodell is acting like the judge and jury all in one and that he's 'walking down a dangerous path' with this "language" in his statements today.

    We'll see if Ben's attorneys or the players union files anything, appeal, etc.
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    Re: 6 GAMES

    Let's get it straight before I say this.....this is nobody's fault but Ben's and although I believe he is innocent of assault/rape he IS guilty of some truly poor decisions and obviously needs some help getting his life together. On to the point......

    Goodell is a fu*king egomaniacal jerkoff. I't doesn't just start with the Ben suspension , I've been fully against a LOT of his decisions.

    Let me get it straight.

    1. Ben cannot be around the team until a third party sees fit. Let's hope at least that's sometime before training camp , although with the length of the suspension he probably won't see much work anyway seeing as though Dixon or Lefty will start 25% of the season at the MINIMUM !!!!

    2. Not including the legal costs already incurred , loss of sponsorships etc.... , this suspension will cost him in excess of 2 million dollars.

    3. The 6 game sit down at best will be 4 according to reports , so not only does that punish the organization and city in terms of WINNING FOOTBALL GAMES , which correct me if I'm wrong is what sports is ultimately about, but It also severely hampers Ben's ability to come back and immediately be affective. You have to give the majority of reps in training camp/pre-season to get the other 2 guys ready , whereas if the suspension was only 2 games you could more easily divide time and he could transition back into the lineup more easily. So , effectively this suspension is a severe blow to his chances to make a successful comeback on the field.

    4. Ben has been lambasted in the media and by Roger personally (see excerpts from his letter to Ben regarding suspension) more than any big-time athlete I can remember in recent memory for "shaming" the league and fans making it damn near impossible for him to rehabilitate his image. The "other side of the coin" hasn't been talked about once by members of the media or league.

    Did I miss something ? Did Ben actually get charged and I didn't hear about it ? When is the trial amongst his pears ?

    In conclusion Roger is simply an attention grabbing media whore who sits on his high horse while he continues to run this league into the ground. Friggin Lunatic. I hope this helps his cause of pandering to the publics uninformed whims.

    It's just too bad my favorite player is the only one to blame. You put your fate in others peoples hands and this is what happens.

    Rant over.


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