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Thread: Per PFT: Roethlisberger Suspension Coming by Tuesday

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    Re: Per PFT: Roethlisberger Suspension Coming by Tuesday

    Former Pittsburgh Central Catholic QB Marc Bulger (a two time Pro Bowler in St. Louis) is currently available and would also be an option, should they decide to go that route.

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    Re: Per PFT: Roethlisberger Suspension Coming by Tuesday

    Quote Originally Posted by proudpittsburgher
    Quote Originally Posted by SteelAbility
    Quote Originally Posted by JTP53609
    this is the most uninspired offseason I can remember, I really am not counting down the days to training camp like I usually do, I am not too pumped up about the draft and the main reason is because of our qb big ben, this year will be a lost year because of him, we will struggle on offense and we have not really done much to improve our aging defense other than resign our starters....if ben is suspended 4 games our season is over in my opinion, let alone 8 games, if he is 8 games we might be a top 7 pick next year....
    That's a nice way to put it. More like nightmarish.
    Honestly, if this isn't reason to go ahead and trade for Byron Leftwich right now, I don't know what is. I understand why we didn't pull the trigger before, why give up a draft pick when Tampa is just going to cut him anyway . . . but this is a position of need right now, and if we have a guy like Lefty on the roster, maybe Ben's suspension won't cost us the playoffs. I just can;t see Batch or Dixon leading us to a .500 record or better while Ben is gone,a nd that is with the knowlege of what Dixon did against Baltimore last season.

    Alright, baby, looks like the Rooneys listen to me. OK, let's try this, "I could really use some season ticket and a private jet to get me to the games." Honestly, I don't think you can take anything out of Lefty's performance in Tampa last season. It was a trainwreck from the start. From rookies coming in saying they are going to be the starter, to a really bad recieving corps to just being on a bad team, Lefty was behind the eightball and doomed to fail. He has good recievers in pgh, a good coaching staff, and isn't being asked to take over the team, just to keep the seat warm for the lunkhead. I think this is a tremendous signing and I am glad the Rooneys pulled the trigger. That being said . . . I wonder what the Rooneys know about the Ben suspension to go ahead and give up a draft pick fo rhim, instead o fjust waiting for him to get released.

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    Re: Per PFT: Roethlisberger Suspension Coming by Tuesday

    Adam_Schefter RT @bdischy: Coincedence that PIT has 5 National TV games but 0 of their first 6 games? ... I think not. Schedule maker knows something. about 8 hours ago

    Straight from ESPN...
    Early Addition Mock (3 Round Version)

    Fix the Run Defence Mode:

    1. DaRon Payne
    2. Josey Jewell
    3 Kerryon Johnson


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