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I think that there are statements that he said "take my shots..." again nothing about that night is 100%, but I think that means that he bought the shots. I also thought I read somewhere that Ben was buying alcohol for everyone in the VIP room (bottle service??). I think this is what the bar was saying (i.e. it wasn't them serving an under age girl).
wasn't it her sorority sister that said that though? I didn't hear a single statement where he didn't address the whole group and whether she was actually a part of that group to receive shots. it was implied, but, there is no way we can actually say one way or the other. so when it comes to the whole alcohol thing, there is no way i'm going to point fingers at anyone. like someone else said, she could have expressed interest at any of the other bars they saw each other at and the alcohol simply hadn't effected her until later in the night (after getting hammered every where else).
I thought they were bar hopping along with Ben or kept crossing paths...

I know Patrone shots sneak up on me... I've witnessed grown men turn into children an hour after a few shots.
mmm Patron...
I've heard differing stories on the bar hopping thing. It sounds to me, from what i've read anyway, that Ben's group would go into a place and then shortly after the accuser group would follow. and i wouldn't be surprised that this is the way it ahppened. I mean, who woulnd't follow a super bowl winner around town... they wouldn't want to look desperate so they wouldn't follow like a bunch of puppies, but they'd follow.