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Just wanted to share with you folks a very small (one person) sampling of how people think. I posted this in a thread awhile back, but thought it was deserving of it's own thread so that other folks might share and/or get an understanding of how the great unwashed masses think.

Last week I took a road trip to FL to visit my brother. Had a great time...the treasure coast area of FL is very cool...and if there was work available there I could move in a heartbeat!

Anyway, one night we went out to one of my bro's hangouts and he was introducing me to his friends. One of them was a 30-something woman who had moved there from Pittsburgh. Die hard Pittsburgh sports fan...she was wearing a Crosby jersey that night even.

Eventually she brought up the subject of Ben and we chatted briefly. She did most of the talking while I pretty much listened.

Her opinion is that Ben was guilty. I asked why and she said: Because I have a friend who was out in the Burgh one night...she ran into Ben and asked if he would have his picture taken with her. He said no and was kind of a jerk about it...so that tells me he's not a very good guy.

That's when the conversation ended.

So there you have it...there are plenty more out there just like her. He wasn't willing to have a pic taken and was kind of a jerk about it so I'm sure he is capable of rape.

I'm with you 100% about a persons attitude or the way they carry themselves doesnt mean they are a sexual predator or rapist or whatever...however Ben has some issues. He continues to get himself into situations that are hurting the franchise that is the Pittsburgh Steelers. And like this link will attach this isnt gong away whether he has done wrong or not......

[url="http://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2010/04/16/gbi-documents-contain-evidence-of-another-roethlisberger-allegation/"]http://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/20 ... llegation/[/url]