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That is nothing more than inflammatory hyperbole. Sure the author is entitled to his opinion, but he is exaggerating the known facts and acts as if the only rationale for a trade is the reading on the moral barometer. I believe Roethlisberger is an embarrassment who needs to get his act together. He should be heavily fined and suspended for two games in my opinion...but he also deserves a chance to turn around his image.

If anyone believes that what Roethlisberger has done is so over-the-top that he is beyond redemption and should be traded - then that's their prerogative. I'd say a person like that is being a little judgmental without full knowledge of the facts, but that just me.

We should all be on high alert for any future behavior remotely connected to drunken sexual conquests or really anything indicative that he is indeed a social retard. Until that evidence is presented, I'm going to root for what's in the best interests of the Pittsburgh Steelers, as I always have. I will do it with an open mind in regards to number 7. I'll still cheer him when he's great and curse him when he throws a pick or takes a sack.

Good luck to all of you guys who hate him and want him gone. You face an interesting emotional dilemma once the games start (well...the one's he'll be playing in :P ).
That's the beauty of being a Steeler fan and not a Ben fan, Troy fan, smith fan, Tomlin fan, etc, etc, it doesn't matter to me who's on the field, I cheer for the Steelers. If Ben's there I'll cheer for him, if it's dixon I'll cheer for him, if it's Tyler Palko, I'll cheer for him. It's the Steelers that I'mn a fan of for almost 40 years, players come and players go and my favorites are the ones that showed up for work, caused few or no problems within the team, caused little or no problems off the field and remember their time with the Steelers as time well spent.

I doubt Ben ever falls into that category, although, I do appreciate the way he plays, Steeler games have never been so exciting or energizing and that includes the 70s Steelers. Ben makes the game extremely exciting win or lose and that makes Sundays fun during the late fall and winter. I want him as a Steeler until he retires, but not at the price fans, the city and the Rooneys are paying right now. He needs to develop some class, manners and respect.