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I have kept relatively quiet about this whole ordeal because truth is I have no belief that anyone has the truth on this...the only people that really know is Ben & the girl who were in that bathroom that night.

Let me say the following and be done with it:

1) I am not a Ben hater
2) I am not a Ben Fan -- I am a Steelers fan and that is all I am

I don't care about the indictment, the potential for Civil action or Ben's eventual vindication. If that happens, I will refer to the first paragraph above....only 2 people really know what truly happened that night.

Morally, it comes down to a 2 letter word. If she uttered at anytime..."No"...then it's Rape. Maybe not from legal statute, but morally.

If those were uttered as she claimed then that is what it is...since I can't prove it I will not claim that it is the fact.

But it is that close from separating what this man is and is not....

Say what you will...I don't care...I know a girl who was raped and tried to commit suicide because of it. If Ben did that I want him gone...since I can't provie it I will not speak of this any further.

But let's just say I won't talk much about his performance moving forward either. If they win, they win as a team and I will be happy. If they lose, they lose as a team and will lament it.

But my days of talking about Ben are over...because I really don't know if that two letter word was or was not uttered and I can't be as open minded as some on the board.
His football prowess and success seems a lot less important to me anymore and that is sad to me.

She was asked that night if she was raped and she said no. It's in the police report.