I appreciate both sides with the fans.

On the one hand you have "...he wasn't convicted, he's a rare franchise qb, 26 long yrs between SBs, are you people crazy wanting to get rid of him?!..."

On the other hand you have "...disgusted, humiliated, embarrassed, out of touch with working class Pittsburgh values..."

I'm really torn. I was so psyched when he was drafted, then the SBs and I'm equally disgusted now. For me, personally, the game has to be about more than just winning. And if it's gonna be corrupted and dishonorable to the extreme then I can't follow it or contribute to it's success, much as I love it. And yes I'd take a lesser team with honor and dignity over SBs with embarrassment and humiliation. But that's just me.

It's a no-win, lose-lose, tough situation. And the whole world is watching and judging, and 'judging the judgement.' I don't think Ben will ever fully live this down and I wonder if it would be easier for him and everyone to start anew elsewhere. I don't know. But I genuinely sympathize with Art Jr. In only his first year as president of this storied sports franchise he has to make arguably the most difficult decisions in it's 80 year history. I wish him the best of luck, wisdom and peace as he confronts these ethical dilemnas.