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Thread: Mel Kiper: Steelers' Rounds 1-4 picks

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    Re: Mel Kiper: Steelers' Rounds 1-4 picks

    Quote Originally Posted by birtikidis
    Quote Originally Posted by Sugar
    The point is that Gay just isn't NFL starter material. Let's get someone who will be and will be dominant. The OL doesn't really concern me much. Now that we've lost our top receiver in YPC we may not be making as many long developing plays anyway.
    so they're gonna scratch the playbook since tone is gone.
    even though HE wasn't the deep threat...
    and you think hartwig is a starter "material" even though he is consistently
    rated as one of the worst (if not the worst) center in the NFL.. in nearly every
    Um, Tone had the largest YPC on the team. They won't scratch the playbook but they just won't have the options they had with Tone AND Wallace AND Ward on the field.[/quote]

    Holmes had 79 catches for 1,248 yards and 5 TD's. That's a 15.8 yards per catch average.

    Wallace had 39 catches for 756 yards and 6 TD's. That's a 19.4 yards per catch average.

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    Re: Mel Kiper: Steelers' Rounds 1-4 picks

    tone may have had the highest YPC on the team
    but he wasn't the deep threat. or did you not watch the games?
    Tone ran a ton of underneath stuff and had a ton of YAC.
    Wallace was our deep threat.

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    Re: Mel Kiper: Steelers' Rounds 1-4 picks

    I prefer Pouncey! He would improve our interior offensive line which would improve our running game which by proxy would improve our defense b/c we would have better time of possession which would keep our defense off the field!
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