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Thread: Dez Bryant, Golden Tate or Regus Benn anyone?

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    Re: Dez Bryant, Golden Tate or Regus Benn anyone?

    Dez Bryant registered 87 receptions for 1,480 yards and 19 touchdowns as a mere sophomore.

    wow those are some unbelivable numbers for a sophmore!! i bet tate didnt have those numbers combined in his sophmore and freshman season. if bryant didnt have any character issues he would be a top 10 pick easy. i hate idiots like holmes and other headache wr's but come on. this guy is by far the most talented wr in the draft.

    if we dont draft dez then we should wait until next years draft to get a future replacement for holmes or hines. if we move up in the second to draft tate then it will be a horrible mistake. everyone compares him to hines but i really dont see it other than his size and speed being average. we drafted ward pretty late and we are talking about trading up in the 2nd to draft tate?

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    Re: Dez Bryant, Golden Tate or Regus Benn anyone?

    Quote Originally Posted by Chadman
    Three lower round WR's that might suit nicely are Joe Webb, Freddie Barnes & Chadman's 'smokey'..Dezmon Briscoe.

    If we can assume Wallace is Holmes' replacement, the need is for the 'possession reciever' role that ward holds.
    good point. Ben is not a precision QB. He is much more effective when surrounded with a bigger targets with solid hands (ala - Colston).

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    Re: Dez Bryant, Golden Tate or Regus Benn anyone?

    Being an Illinois guy, I saw some of Benn's play in college. Let's not forget that his quarterback stunk, I mean just terrible and so did the Illini. I would watch game tape upon game tape and have a good hard talk with Mendenhall before taking Benn but his Sophomore year numbers are pretty good and with even a decent quarterback it could make him a far better receiver.
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    Re: Dez Bryant, Golden Tate or Regus Benn anyone?

    Quote Originally Posted by flippy
    We're ok with the receivers we've got.
    We lose one of the better WR's and big-playmaker in the league, and we're OK?

    Buddy... I got high hopes for Wallace too; and Hines is my all-time favorite Steeler (#1 or 2; between him and Lloyd).

    And we have Heath. But that doesn't mean we are OK. If Wallace regresses (or just stalls in his development), or age catches up to Hines, or more likely than either... an injury forces changes--Then what?

    We have to address WR now. I think this pushes O-line needs down (as, you can get an OL later more often than any other spot it seems), CB is still a prime need, as is DL as I see it.

    Of the available, Tate is my choice. He is a Hines-like guy IMO. As to Dez, forget it. He is just like S'tonio, Plex... talented as all heck, but pea-brained.
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    Re: Dez Bryant, Golden Tate or Regus Benn anyone?

    Who knows anymore? I hate the idea that we even have to countenance a WR in the draft. We should be looking for DB's and OL and a linebacker or two or three...

    We have way too many picks as it is and just got another one.

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    Re: Dez Bryant, Golden Tate or Regus Benn anyone?

    Of the three, I'll go for Benn as he has better hands than Tate & is more physical.

    If we miss on those three 1st-round guys, we could do well to focus in later rounds on good WRs like LaFell (as good as Benn?) & Decker, with guys like Webb (want this guy!), White, Reed or Long (sleeper pick or priority UDFA) as long-term projects or depth players.
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    Re: Dez Bryant, Golden Tate or Regus Benn anyone?

    Golden Tate says playing in Pittsburgh would be an "ideal situation"

    Posted by Mike Florio on April 18, 2010

    When former Notre Dame receiver Golden Tate met with the Steelers, he didn't really think he was on their radar screen. Once Santonio Holmes was traded, Tate suddenly picked up a different vibe.

    "[N]ow that Holmes is gone, I'm seeing it's a possibility," Tate told Troy Clardy of 93.7 The Fan in Pittsburgh on Sunday. "I'm anxious to see which direction they take. . . . It would be an ideal situation. I'll be going into a great situation because I would be learning from a guy that I like to model my game after, Hines Ward. I don't think it could get any better than that. I'm going to have the chance to help the team but also learn the game more from a veteran. In my eyes, this would be an ideal situation, and I could definitely see myself going there and wearing black and gold."

    But can he stay out of trouble, a subject about which Steeler Nation suddenly is acutely concerned?

    "Being at Notre Dame, you're used to being under the microscope, so I'm used to having all eyes on me," Tate said. "Anything I do, anywhere I go. My mother and my father taught me what's right and what's wrong, so I don't think I have a problem making any tough decisions."

    Um, that last line could make things a little awkward in the locker room, since it implies that certain parents of certain players who wear a certain single-digit number certainly failed when it came to teaching the right-wrong lesson.

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    Re: Dez Bryant, Golden Tate or Regus Benn anyone?

    If we were able to trade down into the mid-20s, I would have no issue at all getting Golden Tate. I really believe this is Ward's last season and Tate is a Hines clone. Additionally, I just have a feeling that Hines will not make it through a complete season healthy. This year Tate would learn and contribute in spots and be ready for next season.

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    Re: Dez Bryant, Golden Tate or Regus Benn anyone?


    Wish list order:
    Benn (2nd)
    Webb (5th)
    Mitchell (3rd)
    Sanders (5th)

    I believe Benn will be a solid NFL WR. Might be the closet complete WR compared to Ward. Needs to work on Routes and using his hands. If he played for a team with a QB in college...I could have seen him as a 1st. If they are taking one early, I would take him in the 2nd.

    I wouldn't be surprised to see the Steelers use all picks with 2 WRS selected. Ward, Wallace, & El are the only locks IMO. Sweed (Hoping) needs to show he is ready to compete. Battle is expendable. He's a good 4th or 5th on gameday because of his ST play but if somebody young shows promise, I think you give Battle's spot.

    If they Take Benn in the 2nd or Mitchell in the 3rd, then I would be ok with just 1 WR in the draft. A better scenario might be to use the first 4 picks to address D/OL and take Webb & Sanders in the 5th. I wouldn't make it easy on Sweed at all. If Sweed takes that step and Webb & Sanders show promise, carry 6 WR with Battle being released. If Sweed turns out to be the same WR we saw the last couple of years and they draft Webb & Sanders....You have options. Carry 5 with Sweed & Battle being released. Carry 6 with Sweed being released. Carry 6 with Battle isn't a big reach. Battle would just be that (ST) player with a true position. Madison would be expendable.
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