Dez Bryant registered 87 receptions for 1,480 yards and 19 touchdowns as a mere sophomore.

wow those are some unbelivable numbers for a sophmore!! i bet tate didnt have those numbers combined in his sophmore and freshman season. if bryant didnt have any character issues he would be a top 10 pick easy. i hate idiots like holmes and other headache wr's but come on. this guy is by far the most talented wr in the draft.

if we dont draft dez then we should wait until next years draft to get a future replacement for holmes or hines. if we move up in the second to draft tate then it will be a horrible mistake. everyone compares him to hines but i really dont see it other than his size and speed being average. we drafted ward pretty late and we are talking about trading up in the 2nd to draft tate?