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Did anyone see the Path to the Draft show today? They had Dulac on talking about the Steelers. Dulac mentioned Graham as a guy the Steelers liked a lot, but his guess for pick #18 was my man Pouncey Wouncey. He said they would play him at Guard initially and then move him to center.

He has been my pick for awhile. A lot of people should get ready to be annoyed because I think Pouncey gets picked by the Steelers in round one.

Brandon Graham from Michigan may very well be the best pass rusher in the draft and is often compared to Lamarr Woodley.

whereas Iupati had a disappointing Senior Bowl performance, Graham was named the MVP recording two sacks and basically was unblockable the whole Senior Bowl week.

if you want to correct pass coverage deficiencies, finding a pass rusher to put pressure on the opposing QB is a good idea. plus, James Harrison turns 32 in May and we need to start grooming his replacement soon.

Brandon Graham makes sense, don't be surprised if the Steelers call out his name come draft day.
So how does adding Graham help the Steelers pass coverage in 2010? How does he do more than the OLB currently in place....James Harrison?

Makes no sense what so ever.
Less time for the opposing QB to throw is the key of LeBeau's defensive scheme. Why do you think he plays his CB 10 yards off of the because he is wooried about coverage? His scheme is predicated on getting to the QB before he can throw to his primary recivers and if he does keep those receoivers in front of the secondary and make the sure tackle and allow yards after the catch. LeBeau wants pressure on the QB fast so that he is forced to take the short pass pattern or make an errant throw.

Those obsessed with coverage ignore the fact that the NFL has initiated rules that give the WR all the advanatages.

To me makes no sense to believe the myth or a "shutdown" DB or that a rookie is going to come in and cover experience NFL receivers to the degree that they aren't going to get their catches. Who was the last rookie DB to come into this league who really made a difference?
What are you talking about about and how does it pertain to my quote?? I'll ask you this time...how does a rookie OLB (Graham), provide more that what James Harrison is bringing in regards to a pass rush??

Again...drafting Graham makes no sense. He can not and will not bring any help at all to pass coverage for the Steelers in 2010. Theres already a pro bowler there occupying that spot who aint goin no where.