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Why not Tate? With what Santonio "is" and Hines' age...it is only a matter of time before this team needs a receiver. We could be looking at Dermonti Dawson and Hines Ward with these two.
because tate wont be nearly as good as holmes will be or is now. if holmes is found guilty then we will need to replace him, but not with golden tate. i wouldnt call this a great draft for wr's but there are better wr's in this years draft than tate.
Not to suggest that El is equal in ability to Holmes- but he is sufficient. I do not think the team should change their draft strategy this season - just to account for Holmes being gone.

You've got El and Battle, and hopefully Sweed can get his act together...

Hines has this season, and maybe one more.

Wallace could possibly develop into a true #1 receiver.

Wallace, Sweed (fingers crossed) El- Battle and whatever mid/late round pick groomed for 3-5 spots in the years to come.

I'm all for the High Character guy though- irrespective of the position.