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We applaud violence on the field, but loathe it off the field.

Maybe we should look in the mirror to see who's the problem.

Ben and Santonio act the same on and off the field.

Why should we expect anything different?

Did you ever play football?
I applauded my own violence on the field. But off the field I conducted myself somewhat respectfully. Granted I wasn't good enough to get away with anything.
I don't think your argument holds water. Again, maybe Ben didn't do anything and he didn't for 99.99% of the night. We know that. But if that .01% was bad, then he should be punished and I won't feel at all bad because I root for violence on the field.
I played football, baseball, and basketball in high school. And I had a bit of a temper back then.

I quit playing football in 9th grade after breaking my hand and focused on baseball which I was much better at.

I quit playing sports in college, didn't have time. I worked 40 hours a week and finished school in 3 years.

Funny thing, my temper went away in college and I'm just happy now and optimistic about everything.

I do think it's hard to turn on and off violence. And I think a lot of coaches are really hard on players and push them to be even more violent.

There's a lot of yelling, arrogance, violence, etc. in sports. Very few people are good coaches imho. And winning is held in higher esteem than sportsmanship.

There's good and bad in sports imho. Just like the rest of life.

But when you are elite, you essentially get paid to be violent.

And it's hard to turn some of that off off the field.

There are exceptions like yourself, but by and large most guys are the same on and off the field.