We have 2 new Super Bowls in the bag, but at what price?

One of the best Super Bowl plays in NFL history was Ben to Santonio. Maybe not the best, but a top play.

Now the 2 'could' be sharing a cell in the near future. (not exactly unless things go really hairy).
I'll trying not to be over-dramatic. With Ben, I was like, OK, he's got some problems to deal with. I think we can agree, he likely didn't rape anyone. But he's tangling himself up in some nasty webs and isn't learning.
Holmes now is reappearing as a bad boy. We have blown off the pot smoking and being in the wrong place in Miami a few years ago, but now he reappears caught in another web.

Again, every team has bad eggs roaming around, but we are kinda trapped with 2 of them, saddled with the hopes of them leading our team over the next 6-10 years. Now what?

This is also a really cheap shot at the Rooney family.
Not long ago, it was Ward and Bettis leading our offense. They had nice images of hard nosed players with a smile off the field. Now even their legacies are getting tarnished.

Here's hoping things melt back to normalcy soon. I'm not throwing Ben and Santonio under the bus yet. I'm just worried that they'll need about 3-5 years of good behavior in the NFL (not prison) before people stop thumbing their noses at us.

I never respected the Cowboys when they had 5 Super Bowls to lead the NFL. They were a bunch of dirtbags and most people felt the same way and it came from the top in Jerry Jones. I think it would be horrible if people started feeling the same way about the Steelers. Yes, I have pride in my team for the 6 SBs, but more than anything for the class and integrity of the organization...compared with other NFL teams.

With us getting caught in the steroid issue for the first 4 Super Bowls and now with punks making multiple bad decisions, we could have 6 slightly tarnished footballs in the Great Hall. I'm getting angry about it.
With the problems/corruption in, for example, the Catholic Church (I'm Catholic), Congress, Boy Scouts, Military, whatever, I guess as I turn 40, I'm realizing that no group is safe from wolves coming to destroy it. Maybe I should be thankful that I had 40 years of semi-blind admiration. Admiration without perspective is a dangerous thing I guess, especially admiration in a prime individual that you think could be a good example. I can't imagine having one of my priests turn out to be a pedophile like many others have. Maybe its a good thing we only live for 80 +/- years. I'm halfway home I guess.

All time rankings:
1) a priest
2)a senator
3)Big Ben
4)a senator
5)a priest