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I guess WR is back in the mix at #18. Hines will be retiring and you have to wonder if the organization is really going to want to retain the services of Mr. Holmes given his predisposition towards burning vegetation and other issues.
I think you are correct but with the talent that should be available at 18 I don't see it happening. Dez White could be more of a problem than Holmes. Tate while good isn't 18 worthy. It really depends on how the Steelers see this. If they have had enough...and will trade or cut Holmes then I see us grabbing a talent in rounds 2-4...little better value in those rounds.

But, let me say for the record. Unless the Steelers don't want to be competitive next season they must keep Holmes. Ward is on his last leg. I'm not sure he makes it through next season. You want Wallace as your #1 and ARE as your #2? Wow that would be a nightmare.
I just have a feeling that Hines is going to miss significant time this season. That's why I still believe that if Sweed shows something we will keep 6 WRs.