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Thread: An OL Question that I need thoughts on

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    Re: An OL Question that I need thoughts on

    Chadman used the green colour to highlight "good stats" & the red colour to highlight "bad stats".

    Ramon Foster's stats need to be viewed slightly differently (same with Kemo really) as both played less snaps than the other players mentioned.

    Of particular concern is that Justin Hartwig is at the top, or near the top, of every catagory for "bad stats" for the Center position in the NFL.

    That said, Trai Essex didn't fair much better at OG.

    Interestingly enough- our OT's were neither great or bad in most stats. Willie Colon graded out 3rd overall for OT's on this site in the NFL. Maybe the FO are right in their assessment of Willie?

    [url=" stype=r&runpass=&teamid=-1&numsnaps=25&numgames=1"] ... numgames=1[/url]
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    Re: An OL Question that I need thoughts on

    Now we're back at looking at stats. OK. Those can be thrown out- IMO. The QB was to blame for the 60% or so of those sacks. And I'm not complaining about it. This has been a topic for discussion for many years now and it won't go away. Where is MSM? OR do those stats not include those that are the responsibility of say- the QB, or a blown OL play call, etc. I say put in a freaking FB, one that actually is a FB and NOT a TE and see what happens then. The blocking will improve and the running game will too. I just hope Tomlin has enough guts to tell BA this, or it won't get any better.

    Here's reality- We already have enough OL on the team as it is. There is plenty of competition there for camp. Yes, you can say the same for the secondary, but on the defensive side, we need more play makers, so to me, the CB spot needs upgrading and is the #1 priority for the 1st round.

    I'll withhold judgment on using a high round pick on a C until after next year. I'd like to see Legursky get a fair shot at replacing Hartwig. Whenever that will be.

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    Re: An OL Question that I need thoughts on

    Quote Originally Posted by Oviedo
    Why does every mock have us taking Guards when we seem stacked with interior linemen (Kemo, Hartwig, Essex, Urbik, Legursky, Foster) and we have nothing at OT (Starks, Colon, Hills and the new guy from Buffalo)?

    I would think if we are going OL it would make sense that it would be an OT and not more interior linemen. Yet all the mocks have us taking guys like Iupati, Jerry, etc.

    I know there was talk that Iupati might have the athleticism to develop into and OT but just cant wrap my mind around why everyone has us taking Guards.

    Unless the G or C prospect can come in a start immediately for us, there's really no reason to go there in the 1st Round. It's not out of the realm of possibility that either Iupati or Pouncey could come in a stake a claim to a starting spot next year.

    *Note: for those who doubt the mediocrity of the Steelers OL, look at the stats Chadman put up.*

    There is no player on this line who should feel comfortable about their starting job if the Steelers pull a miracle out of their hats and draft an OL player in either the 1st or 2nd Round.

    OTOH, I'll believe it when I see it... the Steelers WILL NOT be drafting for the OL in Rounds 1 or 2... put that projection in the bank.

    *Additional Note to Ovie: your remarks on Pouncey are duly noted. I'd have to say that I'm in agreement.*
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    Re: An OL Question that I need thoughts on

    I think we could use an interior lineman. I think that Hartwig is the second worst player on the team (he must be traumatized by all the times he's been sexually assaulted by big ben). but i don't think we go center in the first round. maybe tenant at some point. I like Pouncey but think that our issues with age at other positions is what is important.


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