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Thread: Source: GBI drops Roethlisberger DNA request

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    Re: GBI has dropped it's request for DNA!

    [quote=Dee Dub]
    Quote Originally Posted by "JUST-PLAIN-NASTY":23htb37f
    Based on the fact Ben conceded to having sexual contact with the girl...

    If Ben did go into that room to have some concentual fun...Then he put himself in a bad situation. Even if the "room" story was completely made up but he had concentual sexual contact with a girl he just met...That I could fault him on, especially after the first incident. For you & I, it wouldn't be bad but Ben has to be smarter. In my opinion, if the Commish wants to give him a 3 game....He deserves it. It might be the best thing for him to have the Commish put him in his place. Regardless of the outcome, from a league stand point, he gave them a "black eye". If the league doesn't, I would be behind the Rooney's if they did the same. He gave the Steelers 2 black-eyes & a kick in the nutz!
    Oh my Goodness!! I can not believe some of you Steeler fans. Can you at least get the information right? I'd expect this from Bengals fans not fans of the Black and Gold.


    Read!! Listen!! Learn!! Educate yourself!!

    KDKA, the CBS affiliate in Pittsburgh, reported Roethlisberger told police and others in his party he did not have sexual intercourse with the young woman.

    Sources told KDKA Roethlisberger said he had contact with the woman that was not consummated and afterward she slipped and fell, injuring her head.[/quote:23htb37f]

    An allegation of sexual assault does not necessarily imply sexual intercourse. In fact, if she was saying that non-consensual sexual intercourse took place, then the allegation would be rape rather than sexual assault. Sexual assault could simply be unwanted groping between two fully clothesed people (in which case, there would be no DNA evidence on her person to compare, as the initial article in this thread suggests). At this point in the case, there are not enough facts available to the public either way. Not enough to charge him, and not enough to declare his complete innocence either.

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    Re: Source: GBI drops Roethlisberger DNA request

    Dee Dub I think it goes like this. Goldiggers and ho ho ho's job description is to set Ben up for a money grab. Ben's responsibility is to make sure this doesn't happen.

    If Ben never touched this woman or if it was a hug it would be over already. Going into the bathroom and or admitting contact and a bump shows Ben is still falling for the ho ho ho's tricks.

    Ben has to live like every chick he meets is out for his money. It sucks for him but we see what happens when you let your guard down and think it's all good.


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