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Thread: Rate the need at this position - Defensive Back

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    Re: Rate the need at this position - Defensive Back

    Quote Originally Posted by Chadman
    Here's a question- would Wilie Gay be better off playing FS?
    perhaps, though, I'd like to see if he makes any progress from last year. I don't know if he's going to be good or not, but, usually after the first year starting the player progresses. hopefully that is the case with him.

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    Re: Rate the need at this position - Defensive Back

    I think that CB is the one position where there is a question mark that we can't answer. We all know that Steelers rookies don't show us anything their rookie years. We also know that players often come out of nowhere in their second year and that the coaches had confidence in their abilities all along.......we only find out about that after they succeed.

    Is Lewis or Burnett ready to start? I have no idea but I know that the team can answer this much better than any of us can. Two things I will say are:

    1) Gay is not a starter so I hope that the plan for this season includes someone else starting across from Ike.

    2) It is highly, highly unlikely that a rook will start at corner for us this year.

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    Re: Rate the need at this position - Defensive Back

    The stats are helpful & I certainly want to see what another year of maturing does for Gay before writing him off. But what the stats don't tell you are situational issues that lead to a skewed perspective of what actually is the problem. Injuries are always a key factor, but game situations are where the truth often lies - like the Oakland game for example. I don't remember Gay getting abused as much as I do Taylor getting torched on a long crossing route & jump ball on the sideline on the key drive. I remember Carter being out of position several times, Burnett dropping a sure INT & Mundy giving up the winning score after a PI call. But what I remember most of all was that our vaunted defense couldn't get to Gradkowski enough to minimize those situations.

    I have no problem if they grab McCourty in the 2nd, but beyond him I don't see any other value except at safety.
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    Re: Rate the need at this position - Defensive Back

    I think they would have to trade up to get McCourty, though. I think he comes off the board in the late first or early second.

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    Re: Rate the need at this position - Defensive Back

    I would absolutely LOVE Alabama CB Kareem Jackson in the second round!!!

    "If Florida draft prospect Joe Haden is still undrafted at #18, Pittsburgh may have a tough time passing on him. And I am hearing the Steelers have a definite interest in another CB as well, Alabama product Kareem Jackson, who they would be thrilled to land in Round 2."



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