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    I find this guy funny. He has a website, blog sort of thing and filters out any opinion that disagrees with his agenda. He decided to drag your favorite ex-poster into his nonsense. I wrote the following. He wouldn't allow it to post.


    First, I want to say I agree with much of what Sarah said. Hitting women, sexually assaulting women etc is unacceptable. I also agree that the league including the Steelers have pushed these issues to the side for obvious reasons. But, let me say this as well. Ben has never been convicted of a crime. If that changes…cut him. If it doesn’t he should stay.

    Being at a club, chasing college girls is not optimal. Asking the “bitches to take his shots” is less than respectful. With that said, these guys are not saints. Nor do I watch football to be inspired by their moral behavior. But, much of what we are discussing is speculation. Maybe Ben is guilty of douchebaggery…who knows…we were not there. There are quite a few eye witness accounts of Ben being sober, signing autographs and being nice.

    Many football players go out to clubs and look to “score” with women. Ben is not the exception. Should we ban all players from these activities? Where I have issue with Ben is the lack of judgement going into a bathroom with this girl. Are they animals? Could they not control their hormones until they got back to a hotel? I mean come on Ben…you need to be smarter than that.

    And let me say for the record I consider Dutch a friend. I read his columns and discuss football with him frequently. I agreed with his column even though we might not see eye to eye on all the issues here. Ben is taking a risk everytime he steps out…dates…etc. If Ben was accused of sexual assault in his own home people would still be up in arms ready to cut the guy. Why don’t we wait until all the facts come out before we pass judgement. Doesn’t that seem like the adult thing to do?

    And John don’t you think that you should clean your own side of the street before you call anyone else a jagoff? Just a thought.

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    Re: Steigerwald

    Steigerwald is a has been who will do anything to keep himself relevant in the Pittsburgh sports scene. Think that idiot Madden with less bombastic verbal diarrhea.


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