First off, I'm sure Kugler is busy evaluating game film to get an early bead on what he has & what they do well. Secondly, we have a lot of bodies to choose from to man the O-Line - 11 currently - & they do have some just needs to be developed. Third, the most unappreciated factor with the line & the players needed are that the team needs to decide what kind of blocking scheme it's going to employ. So in these respects, it's not as though the cupboard is bare when comparing to other teams (FYI...Grubbs is an average OG & Yanda is testing FA with minimal interest).

I agree with the metrics the write suggests, but don't forget about the 10-second splits (quickness) & vertical jump (lower torso power) as well. Even using the KEI evaluation method (bench+vertical+broad > 70) a player like Iupati falls short while Petrus (ARK), Newhouse (TCU), Washington (ACU) & Veldheer (Hillsdale) look like good picks. The key thing is not to over-emphasize round or measurables, but when unable to select premiere talent you have to get value - & with 2 Super Bowls in the last few years its hard to argue with the Steelers' results.