Steelers coach Mike Tomlin: 'I'm highly concerned for our franchise and for Ben (Roethlisberger) personally'
01:30 PM
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Pittsburgh Steelers coach Mike Tomlin became the latest member of the organization to weigh in on embattled QB Ben Roethlisberger.

"I'm highly concerned for our franchise and for Ben personally," Tomlin told NFL Network prior to this week's owners meeting in Orlando when asked about the sexual assault allegations swirling around his quarterback.

"My concerns are many, but I think at this time it's kind of appropriate to watch these things and let these things run their course," Tomlin added.

"I think it would be inappropriate for me to have strong feelings one way or another with the investigation being ongoing and so forth. Like everyone else, you watch these things unfold."

Team president Art Rooney II said last week that the Steelers have the "luxury of time" to watch the case progress and assess the potential allegations and their ramifications. -- Nate Davis