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So, let me get this straight- some of you think that Iupati- a rookie is better than Essex a veteran- at RG?

Essex has found his niche at RG. young and on the move. Kemo is a beast at LG ans has become very good at pulling to the right. It's one of thier favorite running plays to the right.

Let's focus on some real need- the secondary in round 1.
To answer your first question- yes, Chadman does believe Iupati is better than Trai Essex. Right now. That's not saying Iupati is perfect, but Essex hardly found the 'niche' you refer to- after all, the Steelers couldn't find it in their hearts to trust the OL to come up with enough push on 3rd & short to allow Mendenhall an attempt to convert- that's how much they thought of the OL blocking last season. To simply say that rookie's won't start is naive- just an example of OL rookies- Kendall Simmmons, Alan Faneca, Willie Colon, Trai Essex, Max Starks, Darnell Stapleton, Ramon Foster- all these guys contributed, or started, in their rookie seasons.

And now we have Coach Kugler- who started not one, but 2 rookie OG's at Buffalo last year.

So yeah, here's betting Iupati is rated higher than Essex.
Chadman, I disagree with you on the Rd. 1 pick, but I just noticed we agree on Round 2 and 3! What do you see in Sean Lee that makes you think he will be a good Steeler ILB? I know what I see, but I haven't heard too many others picking Lee, so I'm just curious on your thoughts.
Chadman had Sean Lee as the replacement for Farrior- a smart, on field leader type. But with Foote being re-signed, this is going to change. Highly doubt we see 5 ILB's on the playing roster- Steelers might add OLB there instead...
That's what I was thinking too. I was just mentioning to our Asian brother that I may switch Spikes to Jerry Hughes in my mock now that Foote gives us 4 ILB's. If Harrison or Woodley go down, our only choice is to move Timmons outside, since I don't see Frazier or Bailey starting any time soon. I may even keep the Adrian Tracy pick later and go with 2 OLB instead of 1 ILB and 1 OLB (you could do the same with Schofield).