I would love to find a way to fit Dorin Dickerson into our draft plans

Live Pro-Day Results 3/15: Toledo, Georgia, Bowling Green, Pittsburgh


Freddie Barnes, Kade Weston and Prince Miller- just a few of the prospects who did not receive combine invitations that we will be following as the Tuesday pro-day schedule is underway. We start in Toledo. Updates: UGA, BGSU, Pitt


Twenty eight teams were on hand at the Pittsburgh pro-day, most to see Dorrin Dickerson, who stood on his tremendous combine numbers

Cornerback Aaron Berry, who was recently described by Golden Tate of Notre Dame as the toughest defensive back he faced all year, ran as fast as 4.47 seconds in the 40, posted a swift 3.88 seconds in the short shuttle and timed 6.73 seconds in the three cone. His 37 inch vertical jump was also solid. Berry is a talented cover corner but struggled with injuries as a senior.

Tight end Nate Byham, who also struggled with injuries last season, improved from his combine performance. Byham ran as fast as 4.84 seconds in the 40 after weighing 268 pounds and by all accounts looked terrific catching the ball. He measured 6037/268, posted a 32.5 vertical jump, 9’9’’ broad jump and 4.4-second three cone.

Bowling Green

Freddie Barnes times in the forty ranged from a low of 4.58 seconds to a high of 4.65. He touched 31 on the vertical jump. These numbers will not move Barnes in with the second tier of receivers available next April but he’ll still be a quality pick in the later rounds.


Defensive tackle Jeff Owens, who completed 44 reps on the bench press at the combine, improved many of his other numbers from Indianapolis. Owens ran 40 times which were as fast as 4.83 seconds, .15 quicker than his combine time. His short shuttle time of 4.5 seconds was also better. Scouts said Owens tore it up during drills.

Kade Weston was another defensive lineman who stood out. He measured just under 6-feet, 5-inches, weighed 315-pounds, yet still ran the 40 in a time of 5-seconds flat. His vertical jump was solid at 29.5 inches. Weston received applause from the coaches during position drills as he displayed terrific hand punch and foot quickness during the bag drill.

Rennie Curran was another big winner and looked strong from start to finish. The 5-foot, 11-inch Curran weighed 235 pounds, completed 27 reps on the bench press then ran his 40 in times which ranged between 4.63-to-4.71 seconds. His vertical jump of 35-inches was also impressive. By all accounts Curran transferred that speed and athleticism onto the field during drills, as he looked terrific in pass coverage and quickly moved from sideline-to-sideline. Curran has upcoming workouts with three teams including the Tennessee Titans.

Cornerback Prince Miller, who was not invited to the combine, had one of the best days in Athens. The smallish cover man (Miller measured 5-feet, 8-inches and 190-pounds) completed 22 reps on the bench, touched 37 inches in the vertical jump then posted a 40 time in the low 4.4 second area.

Unheralded receiver Mike Moore had a terrific day. More had 22 lifts on the bench, posted a vertical jump of 36.5 inches and a broad of 10’2’’. His forty times ranged between 4.48-to-4.52 seconds with a short shuttle of 4.12 seconds and a three cone of 6.82 seconds. Moore ran good routes and had a terrific pass catching workout. The Jacksonville Jaguars have shown interest in Moore.

Geno Atkins stood on his combine numbers and did position drills. Several sources told us he faded quickly and looked winded.

New Hampshire

Funny story from the New Hampshire pro-day.

One week ago we were e-mailed the pro-day numbers of tight end Scott Sicko. His forty times that day ranged from 4.54-to-4.53 seconds. While Sicko has been on our radar for three seasons we thought those numbers were much to fast and we were not alone.

Evidently after his first forty timed under 4.55 seconds a New England Patriots scout was also a bit dumbfounded thinking it was a bit quick. So they measured the distance Sicko ran to make sure it was 40-yards- and it was!

Sicko, who was listed at under 240-pounds by National Scouting before the season started measured 6042/252lbs.


12:15PM EST

Safety/outside linebacker Barry Church turned a few heads this morning as the big defender ran times in the forty between 4.56-to-4.64 seconds. Two weeks ago when he performed at the combine Church weighed 222-pounds and his fastest hand time was 4.69 seconds while the majority of his clockings were north of 4.7-seconds. This morning Church was 220-pounds.