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And just how do you know that? Do you have that crystal ball? The draft is a crap shoot.

I'd be willing to bet that a Haden picked in the 1st round would have a better chance at being an all-pro than those 2 bench warmers we drafted last year, or any other low round CB from this year.
Since none of us have crystal balls so Haden could be like another former Steelers #1 pick...Chad Scott. Maybe Dwayne Washington?

I predict he won't break a 4.5 40 tomorrow at his Pro Day. If he does break 4.5 it will be high 4.4s, i.e. 4.48 or 4.49.
I'll drink to that! I hope he runs a poor 40 so he can fall to us. Straight line speed is far from the most important attribute for a quality CB. He can cover and support the run way better than some track star corner than runs a 4.28.