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Urbik, at the Combine, showed he was weak in one-on-one blocking tests, constantly flailing around as the big guys pushed him back.

Iupati is the opposite- big, strong at the point of attack.

Urbik is more mobile, more a pass blocker, while Iupati obviously struggles with his footwork.

The Steelers have already said they want to commit to improving the running game.

Without adding a new RB, what is the best way to do that? Beef up the run blocking.

If Ben misses time, the Steelers will fall back on the running game, not on Batch/Dixon's arm.

If there is no Senior Bowl game, everyone talks about how dominant Iupati is. Chadman can think of one other guy that the Senior Bowl hurt his chances- LaMarr Woodley really struggled at the Senior Bowl, dropping from 1st round consideration as a result. However, if you took his college career as a greater guide, how could Woodley be anything BUT a 1st round pick?

Steelers have a new OL coach brought in to improve that unit's play. One that has a history of working with young guys & finding roles for them to play that limits their liabilities.

Here's betting Iupati is a Steeler.
I wouldn't go to Vegas with that bet. Well, besides the fact it would be very long flight for you. If our new line coach is good, then I hope he can teach Urbik what he needs to know to start at RG.

or Ramon Foster...