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I wouldn't have a problem with Spiller. But if guys like Mcclain, Haden, T Williams, & Spoon are on the board, how do you pass? I would be fine with taking BPA when you can't fill a need because players graded where you pick are gone and you can't trade out. If Spoon, Haden, Williams, Spiller & Mcclain are all on the board at #18....I would rate them like this:

1. Haden - How can you pass? Who cares about the 40 time at the combine. Fluid in position drills and on film.
2. Trent Williams - Can play anywhere. He's the Steelers new C.
3. Spoon - I like him better than McClain since the Senior Bowl. My pick in the mock because I feel Haden & Williams will be gone.
4. Spiller - At this spot with Haden, Williams, & Spoon off the board...I would take him over McClain.
5. Trade back and target Pouncey.
6. BPA-McClain
How about Spiller is a better player than you mention and will make the biggest impact as a rookie? If you are looking at impact as a rookie then drop Haden, Spoon and McClain because they won't play.

Slap your mouth for even mentioning Pouncey in the same thread as the other players you list. The guy is a mid Round 2 pick at best based on talent.

Williams would actually give me a few seconds pause to think before I selected Spiller.